Top 5 Domain (Website) Name Suggestions Tool in 2021

It is important that your domain name should be easily remembered and means something while also describing what the brand does or sells. However, sometime when you find a catchy name that reflects your brand, the perfect domain might already be in use, which forces you to search for another name. Today, there are many … Read more

Blogging FAQS

❓ Can I Use a Blog for My Business? In a situation where you want to start or enhance the presence of your online business, at that time, creating a blog provides many benefits in the following ways: Blog can prove to be incredibly effective as a tool for business. Having a blog will always … Read more

Advantages of a Website

Advantages of a Website Here are the pros/benefits of creating a website: A website provides important information about the products and services to your clients Websites can be created for giving news and information. There are so many networking websites that help you connect with people professionally and socially. People can gain a lot from … Read more

Advantages of Blogging

Advantages of Blogging Here are some benefits of blogging. You can showcase your creativity, skills, and talent It allows individuals to become an authority in their industry Bloggers are able to make money from their blogs Many organizations use a blogging platform to bring more customers to their websites NGO organizations can also use blogs … Read more

Blog vs. Website

Here are some important differences between Blog and Website: Parameters Blog Website Definition The Blog is usually informal, informative, and educated in nature. A business website is formal, professional. Fundamental unit Content Post Basic unit The basic unit of a blog is a post. The basic unit of a website is content. Content order In … Read more